(aka velpi) | he/him

A small fox that sleeps, draws, & cosplays

I like drawing creepy & dark themes.
My style inspiration is creepy/cute.
I specialize in drawing chibis.


I go by Agi☆

▼ I'm a little illustrator that likes playing games and drawing games.

▽ I like the things I like, and will draw the things that I enjoy when I feel like it.

▼ Cosplay is a large part of my life, and I will occasionally post pictures if I'm feeling comfortable.

▽ I love talking, so please feel free to reach out to me if you so feel inclined. I will reply at my leisure.

☆ I would do anything for Yamanbagiri Kunihiro & Yamanbagiri Chougi

★ Sayo Samonji, Elmott (GBF), Nakajima Atsushi & Akutagawa Ryuunosuke (BSD) are my sons and I love them with my entire being

Interests / Things I draw

◆ Some things I enjoy drawing include: faces, eyelashes, fangs, cleavage, animal ears / tails, horns etc.

◇ Lately I've been trying to draw kemono / furry

◆ I love dark themes such as corruption, possession, and other eerie subjects

△ Fandoms: 2hu, GBF, FE, DR, BB, Tourabu, N+C, i7, BSD